Roger Smith

Extraordinary bronze wildlife sculptures

Tabletop sculptures


  • Image of 'Ahh... right there' sculpture.

    Ahh... right there

    "Ahh… right there" is an old whitetail buck reaching around with his antler to scratch the spot that itches. The inspiration for this piece came from a photo by Colorado wildlife photographer Michael Mauro.

  • Image of 'Cautious Buck' sculpture.

    Cautious Buck

    Stopping mid stride, he hears something that may be a threat… or not. His years of experience remind him one cannot be too cautious.

  • Image of 'High Alert' sculpture.

    High Alert

    What was that noise? Friend or foe? A buck does not get this big without being extra wary.

  • Image of 'Watchful Doe' sculpture.

    Watchful Doe

    This piece includes a thick walnut base on a turn table for 360 degree viewing enjoyment.


  • Image of 'Lean On Me' sculpture.

    Lean On Me

    "Lean on me", depicts a tender moment of a Brown (Grizzly) bear sow with her cub. This piece is based on a photo by Alaskan wildlife photographer Alissa Crandall. One look at "Lean on me" and I knew that I needed to put that picture in bronze.


  • Image of 'Calf' sculpture.


    A calf taking steps toward independence; venturing further and further from the safety of his mother's side.


  • Image of 'Pronghorn Antelope Portrait' sculpture.

    Pronghorn Antelope Portrait

    This piece symbolizes the "Prince of the Prairie": The Pronghorn Antelope that makes its home in the open sage and grassland of the western United States.


  • Image of 'Resting Elk' sculpture.

    Resting Elk

    For this bull elk it's time to rest and brace himself for a long winter. The constant pressure from other bulls wanting to steal his harem has taken its toll. Passing on good genes has its costs. Having not eaten much through the breeding season he's lost crucial fat reserves. From that look you can almost see him thinking – "You really don't want to mess with me right now".


  • Image of 'Brook Trout' sculpture.

    Brook Trout

    The muscular form of the brook trout is perfect for this modern patina.

  • Image of 'Grayling' sculpture.


    The beautiful natural shape of this Arctic Grayling serves as the canvas for a contemporary patina.

  • Image of 'Rainbow Trout' sculpture.

    Rainbow Trout

    The beautiful natural shape of this Rainbow trout provides the canvas for a contemporary patina.

Mountain Lion

  • Image of 'Mt. Lion' sculpture.

    Mt. Lion

    This big cat is contemplating his next meal... or his last.


  • Image of 'Moose' sculpture.


    It’s a crisp and still autumn morning on a remote Alaskan river. Our raft rounds a bend; I spot a large bull moose….. At least that was our plan for a float trip years ago. For more than eighty miles as we rounded bend after bend we hoped to see a bull, or any moose for that matter. As it turned out, the only way I was going to see my dream moose was to sculpt one.

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